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Laser marking instrument

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1 type


Laser marking laser marking instrument instrument


2 working principle


The diode pumped laser as a light source, after a group of lens combination integration can emit highly collimated point source of light. After scattered special prism can form a uniform luminance of light. Due to the special design of prism light diffusion, effective way to avoid the common cylindrical mirror the diffusion of light after light at both ends of the light intensity of middle intensity of disadvantages, we design the marking instrument in the diffusion of light to the brightness of light at both ends and in the middle of the same (distinguished with the naked eye), the power analysis of the test results obtained at both ends of the light and middle intensity error is less than 3%, the naked eye can not distinguish the difference in brightness. Can clearly distinguish the light from the position of 50 meters in the distance, and effectively solve the manual work intensity.


3 overview


Laser marking instrument is a kind of using semiconductor laser through the beam expander and a high brightness of the laser line, line of a variety of colors to distinguish, mainly in green, red, application. When in use, the laser line is projected on the object and a marking, users can according to the marking of objects cutting, alignment or other use, marking instrument widely used in metallurgical steel plate cutting, stone cutting, cutting wood and machine vision etc. field, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improves the work efficiency and cutting precision.


4 range of use


1 iron and Steel Metallurgical Industry: provide high brightness quasi straight line for the steel plate, and avoid the unilateral shear and bilateral shear of cold hot and cold plate.


LTA200L laser marking instrument LTA200L laser marking instrument


Manual line intensity.


2 wood, paper processing industry: in the pre cut wood to provide a alignment indicator.


3. The marble processing industry: high strength of marble in the cutting process indication line is not clear cut not neat and tool coolant will cover artificial marking line, using laser marking line effectively to avoid the shortcomings.


5 features


1 the use of semiconductor pumped laser, improve the service life.


2 projected laser line width control within the 6mm.


3 can provide red, green and other colors.


24 4 hours continuous online work, the whole seal industrial design.


5 use, installation, simply 220V power.


6 can be used in high temperature environment, such as hot-rolled steel mills.


7 strong earthquake resistance, self-protection complete.


6 operation safety protection


The 1 is the laser medium power laser, possible eye injury, we must set a measure of this laser, to ensure the safety of.


LTA200L marking instrument LTA200L marking instrument


2 to educate and train the staff of the operating laser, and make it possible to understand the potential danger of the operation of this laser.


3 the management of the use of lasers must be carried out by the professional (staff) personnel, without the training and education personnel shall not open the use of lasers.


4 laser should be strictly controlled in the storage of the use of the room, do not cause the laser beam without cause to the human body, especially the eyes.


5 the optical system of the laser is adopted to protect the eye from the original laser beam and the mirror beam..


6. Eye protection when adopting the above measures, eye may also have a safety standard value of laser irradiation, must according to this kind of laser wavelength, the choice of optical density of suitable protective glasses to strengthen the protection of eyes.

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