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Laser Level Basic Introduction

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Laser Level with a laser beam instead of an artificial water level readings. The laser beam emitted from the laser tube imported telescope to collimation along the horizontal axis of the laser beam is emitted.
Monochrome laser and coherence, can be equipped with a lens in front of the telescope with a certain piece of glass or metal shielding pattern, namely, zone plate, so that the diffraction interference born. After the telescope focusing, focusing range in zone plate, get a bright and delicate cross-shaped or circular laser spot, which more accurately sight the target. As previously, with the optical receiver can automatically track the target level on the scale after, you can be the standard measurement. Construction Survey and a large component assembly, laser level used to establish the level or horizontal lines.
Digital Level is the most advanced water level, with a special bar code standard ruler, through the instrument of the built-in digital imaging system, to automatically obtain the standard bar code reading ruler, no longer the need for manual readings. This instrument can greatly reduce labor intensity mapping operations to avoid human subjective reading errors, improve accuracy and efficiency.

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