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Laser measuring instruments

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Common laser measuring instruments are:
① laser collimator and laser pointing device. Both structures are similar, for ditches, tunnels or pipeline construction, large machinery installation, building deformation observation. Currently laser alignment precision reached 10-5 ~ 10-6.
② vertical laser instrument. The laser beam is placed in the vertical direction for the vertical alignment instrument. For high-rise buildings, chimneys, elevators and other vertical positioning of the construction process and subsequent tilt observation, accuracy up to 0.5 × 10-4
.③ Laser theodolite. For the construction and equipment installation alignment, positioning and setting the known angle. Usually within 200 meters of the deviation is less than 1 cm.
④ Laser Level. In addition to ordinary water level functions, but can still do collimation oriented purposes. As in the standard ruler upload automatically track the target optical receiver, laser leveling can be carried out.
⑤ laser plane instrument. A construction with versatile laser measuring instrument, its vertical into horizontal beam by beam pentaprism; micro-motor driven pentaprism rotating, horizontal beam scanning, laser level is given, up to 20 □ of accuracy. Lifting the sliding mode suitable platform for horizontal control net-shaped roof trusses and large concrete slab formwork, pouring and flat copy work, accurate convenient, time-saving work.

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